Career Profile

30 years experience on Linux/Unix server systems, especially high-speed / high-availability database & server applications rising to spend the last ten years as CTO working as a Complex Systems Architect designing and developing complex wide-area networks incorporating public and private clouds, fixed and dual-up VPNs, Anycast nodes, IPv4 & IPv6, with load balancing and fail-over, on a custom secure Linux operating system.

Extensive experience of Linux/Unix, shell scripting, ā€œCā€ Programming, developing secure web applications and server processes from the ground up. Designing and implementing secure Linux based operating systems, from the kernel up. Extensive experience in the use of a wide range of open source packages, including building from source.

Contributed and credited in a range of open source packages, including various utilities as well as the Linux Kernel and Kernel Support (Kernel Bugzilla).

Ability to write high quality documentation, blog posts and general reporting. Including generating and researching original ideas related to the industry sector.

I have a wide ranging understanding of IT and its uses and have a talent for being able to explain complex concepts & architectures to C-Level non-IT executives, so they can understand the decisions that need to be made.


CTO / Investor

Jan 2017 - Present
Startup Names.of.London & Phrases.for.Sale, London (UK)

Names.of.London is a domain registry business selling newGTLD domain names in the form of short three words phrases. I have invested in their domain name collection, set up and run their domain registry (private cloud) and DNS server systems (public & private cloud).

Run the social media and online marketing operation, growing a twitter following from zero to over 6000 followers by writing a blog, interacting on forums / technical mailing lists and general twitter activity.

Core skills ā€“ RFC compliant Domain Registry operation, live publication of corresponding DNS and associated services such as web & email forwarding, management of private and public cloud servers, including live monitoring. Growing Facebook & Twitter marketing and Affiliate promotions.

CTO / Systems Architect

Oct 2006 - Jan 2017
AC/SH/IO/TM ccTLD Domain Registry & CommunityDNS, London UK

Transformed and modernised the Domain Registry systems for dot-IO (also AC, SH & TM), transforming the business from a cute cottage industry to a serious registry operation by moving from a provincial data centre, mostly using mini-tower PCs, to private cloud servers hosted in London & NY, followed by replacing the ageing C-Tree based registry system with a modern secure flexible RFC/EPP compliant SQL based platform.

As CTO of CommunityDNS, I designed the hardened operating system for the anycast nodes, wrote (from scratch) the authoritative DNS server software, designed & wrote the back-end web management & monitoring system and deployed the entire system to run 8 anycast clouds (6 x IPv4, 2 x IPv6) on over 50 anycast installations used to publish the DNS for over 40 ccTLDs & gTLDs and about 450,000 registrar domains.

I designed and installed the company's IT infrastructure strategy, including private cloud servers in London (x4), New York (x2) and Chicago (x2) linked by VPN to each other, global office locations (including dial-in VPN capability) peaking at about 240 servers (physical & virtual) running 1400 services, including the anycast cloud of about 50 global outlying servers.

A commitment to continually maintain the competitive edge of the business by constantly researching and recommending technical improvements, maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of technical, legislative and cultural issues in the industry. Working at C-Level to formulate appropriate business and technical strategies to keep the business moving forward.

Operating System Architect

1996 - 2006
Independent Linux Consultancy, London

Designing secure, hardened, ultra-reliable custom Linux based operating systems for embedded applications, e.g routers, network storage, firewalls, web proxy cache & filter, content distribution for education.

Sold and licensed Operating System designs and code to external vendors including 3-Com and ApplianSys

Freelance Contractor

1992 - 1996
Various, London

Mostly working with Sybase on Unix based system, especially Solaris, specialising in front-office trading systems for merchant banks. Clients included BNP Paribas (French Bank), Goldman Sachs, Sun Microsystems as well as various software vendors.

Systems Programmer - Database Vendor

1990 - 1992
InterSystems Corp, UK / Boston

Covering in the EMEA territory from the office in the UK, but with frequent time spent working on technical issues at the head office in Cambridge MA. Providing technical backup for the front-line customer support staff.

This includes analysing technical issues, fixing bugs and porting the product to new platforms. Accompanying sales and/or support staff on customer visits throughout the EMEA territory.

Systems Programmer - Accounting & Time-Costing Systems

1988 - 1990
Radius-CBSL, Cardiff

Providing technical support and technical development services to teams of developers and customer support staff for SCO/Unix based Ingress accounting and time-costing system for SMEs.


Some of these are commercial projects I've worked on, some are more open

Technical Blog - A technical blog relating to the New Top Level Domains and Domain Name industry, but also including security issues and product specific information.
CommunityDNS - 6 IPv4 and 2 IPv6 anycast networks publishing DNS for about 40 ccTLD & gTLD domains and about 450,000 registrar domains. I wrote the DNS server software, including the transaction backed proprietary database. Designed the operating system for the nodes, created & installed the back-end management and monitoring systems. All DNS updates arrive at all nodes within 1 seconds, all nodes respond to queries within 1ms.
SlimLinux - Cut down hardened Linux distribution, demo'ed as a DNS server - full operating system and application package is about 36Mb
ApplianSys - Hardware vendor selling network appliance solutions based on my operating system design

Skills & Proficiency

Linux, Operating System design & security, scripting

SQL Databases
(MySQL, Sybase)

Back-end Web, Apps & Security

"C" Programming

Domain Names, DNS & Bind

Firewalls, WANs
IPv4, IPv6, BGP

Javascript, JSON, AJAX


Social Media Marketing esp Twitter, SEO

GIMP (free Photoshop)